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About company

We are glad to welcome you on our website!

We have an obvious advantage over the majority of manufacturers, specializing in wooden doors and windows, in high quality of goods and reasonable prices. Why are we not afraid to set the prices, beneficial to the buyer? Renewable forest fund is an important advantage of DiO. At an early stage of production, we think about how to manufacture the goods, and to see about the restoration of resources. Every year young trees of different species are planted by us, so we face the future with confidence. Full cycle of production, modern equipment, high-quality environmentally friendly materials — all this has provided our strong position in the market of wooden products for more than 25 years.

We produce solid wood windows and doors, using deep processing technology. If you need a round window or door with intricate carvings, we will help you! The order, which can be considered as strange by other manufacturers, will become a challenge for us. Rich imagination of the customer in combination with the possibilities of our production is an excellent tandem. The shape, colour, size of the finished product can be whatever you like. The possibility of decoration with carving and our own paint shop allow us to produce unique products, which satisfy the tastes of consumers.

The field of activity of DiO is the full cycle of woodworking. We have set up and improved every stage of production: directly from logging and deep processing of wood, to delivering the finished products to customers. Modern imported equipment, regular production technology and experienced employees are the key success factors. The company’s products are sorted and quality inspected. We are confident in every item of goods, offered for sale.

History of the company

1989 — Beginning

Our history began in 1989 with a small cooperative, where about 10 people worked. We used to buy finished products (lumber, window blocks, doors) and sell them.

1998 — Expansion

Since 1998, the company expanded its activity. We began to produce sawn wood products, doors and other joinery.
Together with SpetsMontazh LLC (city of Tver), a drying shop with a volume of 360 m3 per month was launched, having 100 working positions and productivity of 500 doors per month.

2002 — The start of window blocks production.

In cooperation with Global Edge group of companies in 2002 we purchased equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, and began the production of window blocks. It was provided 150 working places. The capacity was 500 doors/month and 1500m2 of windows/month.
In the conditions of severe competition in the domestic and foreign markets, the company began to develop successfully. We installed the LUKA drying chambers with the output of dry lumber 700 m3/month.

2004 — Upgrading

In 2004, our equipment was modernized and new equipment was purchased.
We expanded working area and product range, providing the jobs for 220 people and having capacity of 2,400 doors/month, and 3000m2 of windows per month.

2008 — Lease of forest land

Since 2008 we have leased a forest land with an area of 11000ha. The scope of our company’s activity is a full cycle of wood processing. We are engaged in logging, reforestation (planting more than 100ha of forest crops annually), in production of various sawn wood products, window and door blocks, sawing-up of round timber for construction, and delivering products to the consumer. It was provided 300 workplaces. The capacity of production was 5000 doors/month, 5000m2 of windows per month.

2016 — Manufacture of solid wood doors

In 2016, the production was modernized. A workshop of the European standard was built and put into operation. In addition, new kilns have been purchased. In cooperation with KAMI-Group LLC the installation and arrangement of the latest modern equipment were professionally performed. The production of solid wood doors was a new direction in the work. The machine for doors production with 2D and 3D design was purchased. This allowed to choose any design, according to the customer’s request.

2017 — Painting shop

The shop for doors and windows painting of economy and premium class was launched in 2017. This allowed to manufacture finished products. It was also possible to cut out the holes for the locks, hinges, and to install them.

Looking back, we can proudly say that DiO has been working hard for a long time to become successful.

Every step forward in our activity, modernization of equipment, launching of workshops, the expansion of staff, advanced training courses, increase in production volumes — are the results of hard work, to which we are dedicated.
Not going to stop there, we just add that we are always glad to cooperate and are ready to improve the production for our customers.

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